Lane and Mangrove Snapper make an appearance during Targeted Red Grouper fishing charter off Tampa

Well, I must say that today’s trip was one to remember!!  Cruising out to 115′ of water at 34kts, have clients in the sleepy bags at the stern. Water temp is around 72 degrees. First fish on the boat is about a 5lb. Lane snapper… very good eating fish! Straight to the box with five 15lb. Red Grouper. Second spot pull in another 9 bid Red Grouper and a really nice Mangrove snapper. Third spot to finish off the day at 1:00 pm we reach our 20 head limit on red grouper, with 4 fish over 20lbs.

2015-03-18 13.02.44  2015-03-18 11.02.26