How Does Capt. Morgan Spend His Day Off? Fishing the Tampa Bay Ship Channel, of Course!?

Captain Brian Morgan set out for a recreational day of fishing. Being his only day after a long stretch of back to back charters, you would think this guy would post up in front of a television somewhere and lay around. Nope! That’s not going to happen on his watch! The day began rigging up a Sabiki line and catching some very eager bait. After that Captain Brian set out to troll the ship channel. A fun day was had catching Spanish Mackeral, Bonita, and the sought after Kingfish. There was a shark spotting as a Bonita was on its way in to the boat. An extremely large shark came and hit it at the surface and tore the Bonita in half. After this happened a few times, Captain Morgan set out for some “revenge fishing”. Rigging up a 500lb cable with a 9/0 hook, he wasn’t going to let this predator keep stealing his fish. He also put a stinger on his butterflied Bonita and the hunt ensued. While he didn’t get the shark, the Captain helped his guest reel in a big Baracuda, which no doubt was assisting the shark in steal what was rightfully, HIS FISH. All in all, great day and lots of fun.

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