***6/30/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

Comin’ in hot!!🔥 ….no seriously. We ended this trip a touch early out of necessity to escape the heat. But not before finishing the last of June’s Snapper trips out strong! We sadly had to cancel the following day’s run, but we vow to make it up to you guys and put you on some amazing fish just like these guys! Offshore weather maintained status quo for the past week, minimal wind, off and on current, afternoon storms, and oppressive temps. This past Friday’s trek was nothing less than impressive. This group skillfully worked together to stuff an amazing box and left with tons of meat! Got us a nice little black tip too.

19656972_796886503826539_1547185021819449641_n 19601094_796886500493206_3524519096609393449_n (1) 19756444_796886497159873_3595854230999936865_n (1) 19554995_796886493826540_214563668029571682_n 19756444_796886497159873_3595854230999936865_n19554833_796886627159860_1437765370096375629_n 19598611_796886550493201_8237132825387216192_n 19702147_796886543826535_9100179818079183732_n 19598838_796886553826534_9076793986308727674_n 19656980_796886540493202_190294883536849611_n