CMFA On Set Filming with Spearlife TV!

What a great time hanging with all the Boyz with Spear Life TV for our second shoot!! Making memories and having a blast! Want to put out a special thanks to Jon Brunson Gary Zumwalt Thad Treasure Corey Holtgard Addicted To The Outdoors With Jon And Gina for putting everything together to make all this happen!!
Rotty Boyz!!







CMFA Closes Out 2017 Red Snapper Season!

***7/16/17 CMFA Adventure Report***
‼️‼️‼️Bad A$s Fish Below‼️‼️‼️

Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventures went out with a 💥BANG💥!!!! This was our last trip for American Red Snapper season. Even with lit up Christmas 🎄 Tree screens, the bottom bite was PAINFULLY SLOW all day! However, this trip was nothing short of amazing! Yes we moved a lot more than usual and had to gut it out extra hard for our bottoms, but the flat line action was off the chain! We started off with a stout Tuna, a black tip, and snagged a solid LAZY King!

The MONSTER Amberjack you see here was fought by none other than the MAN himself William Ash! He technically and methodically fought this 120lb beast like a pro! Hats off to you sir! This spot held not only the excitement of this amazing catch, but also presented a huge show of playful sharks, finicky baby Mahi, and a couple Sails that would just NOT bite! It was a morale boosting and exhilarating stop for this group after a hard forage. So while we couldn’t smoke this REEF DONKEY, we hope our clients truly appreciated the rarity of such an amazing experience as well as Will’s skill and knowledge that was able to provide it for them!

We started out with a awe inspiring sunrise, caught some stunning fish, and saw some of God’s amazing creatures up close and personal! #CMFA could not be prouder of this trip!!

20108496_805030299678826_6092306884033625917_n 20031720_805030199678836_2777024517053828292_n 20108264_805030179678838_3046245530542445689_n 20140124_805030139678842_6312655167069808680_n 20106243_805030109678845_4670328602150874306_n 20031623_805030469678809_3018534866761613047_n

***7/11/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

We were pleased welcome back a scurvy group of #TBFC die hards! The cards were stacked against us with a slow bite from a nearly full moon and less than perfect weather conditions. We made the wise decision to come in a touch early to escape a looming afternoon storms. We were disappointed this wasn’t the absolute best trip for these hard working guys but given the circumstances, we still were able to fill a great box and it was nice seeing everyone again! See y’all at the meet and greet August 6th!

By the way, the Scampies are still biting hot!

19894944_802459029935953_5580945592954634599_n 19895122_802459063269283_7848591062457492609_n 19905280_802459026602620_5630926490989801600_n 19905330_802459069935949_9115412835950052609_n 19959151_802459059935950_8973602954515930047_n 19961589_802459056602617_4501427148915919357_n 19989305_802459023269287_1141268746225862551_n

***7/6/17 CMFA Adventure Report*** 28 inch Margate Caught Offshore!

Better late than never to post some bad a$s fish! This was our last trip before heading down to Key West for a mini vacay! We’re back and in full swing to finish the season strong! 💪🏼 look forward to getting the rest of our groups out and catching some even more amazing fish. Check out this trips haul… We had another Ding Dong 28′ Margate on this trip competing for cooler space.

For questions or to book your OWN adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!19959206_801816643333525_4427885297680341380_n 19884500_801816556666867_7606961481698548183_n 19959349_801816540000202_5623686062729208730_n 19959333_801816520000204_8900511973388832868_n 19905009_801816510000205_4299226998059251487_n 19905131_801816500000206_5613303919573612723_n

***INDEPENDANCE DAY 7/4/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

Red, white, and BOO-YAA!! 💪🏼

Happy belated Independence Day friends! We opted for an 8hr trip to allot time for everyone to partake in the holiday’s evening festivities! Fabulous Red Snapper halfday if you ask us! We celebrated not only our nations independence, but also Joe Morris’ Birthday as well as the bearded bandit himself Johnny Milligan’s anniversary to the stunning Kathleen Milligan (crazy woman)! Not gonna lie… the ladies gave the men a run for their money and pretty much dominated the day! #RottyGalz


For questions or to book your OWN guaranteed adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!

19731893_799203416928181_1822106364647137715_n 19665295_799203366928186_5177735506920310179_n 19665635_799203330261523_3612750608889997912_n 19731924_799203313594858_4511380372971346356_n 19731815_799203323594857_45245293434963474_n 19748401_799203223594867_5422800410525311387_n

***7/3/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

I’ve been drinking Mountain Dew all morning… I’M ALL JACKED UP!!!! 💪🏼💪🏼


We had a great group for this Monday’s trek! The Valentine Boy’s made a reappearance, we FINALLY got Mr. Don Bengele and his guest out after multiple weather cancelations, the stars aligned for Mike Siville and his hectic schedule to finally join us…. and no matter how hard we tried to fight it, Jenn Markwell had to tag along too. A collective group of fun characters that ALL caught some great fish! We had a slooooooow🐌 start and battled the heat but in true #RottyBoyz fashion, we finished strong and filled the box! #DatRayTho
*on a side note: we’ll be hosting a intervention soon to help William Ash lay off the juice!

For details or to book your OWN guaranteed adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!!

19702441_798599316988591_1191026769074728461_n 19247561_798599676988555_1609219528561802368_n 19702010_798599620321894_2620960031868825560_n 19665645_798599613655228_4634600824549130596_n 19756439_798599600321896_4638815664419854387_n 19748777_798599543655235_4377158244900253479_n

***7/2/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

Probably gonna want to see this…👇🏼👇🏼

What a way to kick off July!! Seems a day of rest did CMFA good! While EVERY trip we are proud to host is 💰guaranteed to be phenomenal, we have to say that this adventure pulled one of the best hauls we’ve had all season! We have said it before and we’ll say it again… pictures do NOT do these fish justice! 😱Monsters! Hopefully these guys aren’t too sore today! Always a pleasure to get the Orpin group out. #RottyBoyz

We’re still booked solid through this month but have some availability opening up around mid August. We’ll be killing monster Gags then too! Reserve ahead so you don’t miss your date! For questions or to book your OWN adventure, call or text CMFA 813-516-9365

19510665_797294963785693_1922643374704309840_n 19657359_797294957119027_1011667899230281008_n 19665181_797294930452363_5487821470153975073_n 19601322_797294923785697_6179867527702414768_n 19598784_797294897119033_4612765264489200041_n 19642572_797294877119035_4395037755481222611_n

19656964_797294853785704_5982492561707864965_n 19598829_797294843785705_7365919933384996998_n 19702237_797294803785709_3448611401906979707_n 19702060_797294800452376_7093984669787666015_n

***6/30/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

Comin’ in hot!!🔥 ….no seriously. We ended this trip a touch early out of necessity to escape the heat. But not before finishing the last of June’s Snapper trips out strong! We sadly had to cancel the following day’s run, but we vow to make it up to you guys and put you on some amazing fish just like these guys! Offshore weather maintained status quo for the past week, minimal wind, off and on current, afternoon storms, and oppressive temps. This past Friday’s trek was nothing less than impressive. This group skillfully worked together to stuff an amazing box and left with tons of meat! Got us a nice little black tip too.

19656972_796886503826539_1547185021819449641_n 19601094_796886500493206_3524519096609393449_n (1) 19756444_796886497159873_3595854230999936865_n (1) 19554995_796886493826540_214563668029571682_n 19756444_796886497159873_3595854230999936865_n19554833_796886627159860_1437765370096375629_n 19598611_796886550493201_8237132825387216192_n 19702147_796886543826535_9100179818079183732_n 19598838_796886553826534_9076793986308727674_n 19656980_796886540493202_190294883536849611_n

***6/29/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

Lions , and tigers , and…..uh ….Scamps, oh my! 

Another jaw dropping trip on the books! Aside from some beautiful ARS and ANOTHER stud Gag, the Scamp show was poppin’! CMFA was pleased to welcome newbie Mr. Chris Brownell and his motley crew out on the Gulf yesterday. These guys did an amazing job filling “the baaaaxxxx” ! I think we’ll make fishermen of them yet!  #RottRott #MyTrigga

For questions or to book your OWN adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!

19598829_795587160623140_1876430771255740814_n 19553858_795587150623141_2557724130279522784_n

19601040_795587140623142_3142746985352010787_n 19511551_795587123956477_5985650741583713_n 19554120_795587083956481_6984501158946667203_n 19511156_795587077289815_4903398570495217604_n 19554762_795587060623150_20144649160350359_n 19511226_795587053956484_1283275064400324741_n

***6/28/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

If you LOVE what you do, you will never work a day in your life!! We are full throttle into ARS season. Beat down, tired, exhausted, sore, hungry, dirty, hot…etc. Bit it is the sheer love for what we do that gets us up after only a couple hours of sleep every night and sends us back out eager to do it again! This 4 man group gave our 6 man groups a run for their money with this impressive haul! We thank you for believing in us and letting us share our passion with you!

19510457_794974030684453_1371591578764706844_n 19510640_794973974017792_1798674807693346682_n 19554668_794973874017802_4231875152535183236_n 19601573_794973870684469_1929975369867569062_n 19511143_794973894017800_8799817998435823796_n 19437726_794973940684462_1140067637198108639_n