***7/3/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

I’ve been drinking Mountain Dew all morning… I’M ALL JACKED UP!!!! 💪🏼💪🏼


We had a great group for this Monday’s trek! The Valentine Boy’s made a reappearance, we FINALLY got Mr. Don Bengele and his guest out after multiple weather cancelations, the stars aligned for Mike Siville and his hectic schedule to finally join us…. and no matter how hard we tried to fight it, Jenn Markwell had to tag along too. A collective group of fun characters that ALL caught some great fish! We had a slooooooow🐌 start and battled the heat but in true #RottyBoyz fashion, we finished strong and filled the box! #DatRayTho
*on a side note: we’ll be hosting a intervention soon to help William Ash lay off the juice!

For details or to book your OWN guaranteed adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!!

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