CMFA Closes Out 2017 Red Snapper Season!

***7/16/17 CMFA Adventure Report***
‼️‼️‼️Bad A$s Fish Below‼️‼️‼️

Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventures went out with a 💥BANG💥!!!! This was our last trip for American Red Snapper season. Even with lit up Christmas 🎄 Tree screens, the bottom bite was PAINFULLY SLOW all day! However, this trip was nothing short of amazing! Yes we moved a lot more than usual and had to gut it out extra hard for our bottoms, but the flat line action was off the chain! We started off with a stout Tuna, a black tip, and snagged a solid LAZY King!

The MONSTER Amberjack you see here was fought by none other than the MAN himself William Ash! He technically and methodically fought this 120lb beast like a pro! Hats off to you sir! This spot held not only the excitement of this amazing catch, but also presented a huge show of playful sharks, finicky baby Mahi, and a couple Sails that would just NOT bite! It was a morale boosting and exhilarating stop for this group after a hard forage. So while we couldn’t smoke this REEF DONKEY, we hope our clients truly appreciated the rarity of such an amazing experience as well as Will’s skill and knowledge that was able to provide it for them!

We started out with a awe inspiring sunrise, caught some stunning fish, and saw some of God’s amazing creatures up close and personal! #CMFA could not be prouder of this trip!!

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