***7/6/17 CMFA Adventure Report*** 28 inch Margate Caught Offshore!

Better late than never to post some bad a$s fish! This was our last trip before heading down to Key West for a mini vacay! We’re back and in full swing to finish the season strong! 💪🏼 look forward to getting the rest of our groups out and catching some even more amazing fish. Check out this trips haul… We had another Ding Dong 28′ Margate on this trip competing for cooler space.

For questions or to book your OWN adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!19959206_801816643333525_4427885297680341380_n 19884500_801816556666867_7606961481698548183_n 19959349_801816540000202_5623686062729208730_n 19959333_801816520000204_8900511973388832868_n 19905009_801816510000205_4299226998059251487_n 19905131_801816500000206_5613303919573612723_n