***6/26/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

Just when the fish thought it was safe to swim, CMFA reminded them it wasn’t! We killed some whoppers on this trip. The young buck showed the big boys how it was done. Bringing in a show stopping, BEAUTIFUL Red Grouper, Joseph showed the ol’ guys what was up! All around great trip and couldn’t be prouder of these #RottyBoyz!

19511036_794158500766006_4166863386281244003_n 19429919_794158474099342_4682898513062747065_n 19554472_794158454099344_397635770775601216_n 19598906_794158447432678_7627479741475338332_n 19510177_794158434099346_5508675112975230813_n 19511109_794158440766012_7593464533183924033_n

***6/25/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

IT’S 👶🏼👶🏼TWINS!! Sunday produced another incredible day offshore! We watched the sun come up on the ride out over eerily calm water. Aside from what felt like the hottest ☀️🌡😓day offshore we’ve had this year, it was a more than comfortable and beautiful day on the water. The 💡light switch like current throughout the trip seemed to affect the bite just the same. On, then off, then on, then off again. Regardless, we stuffed a healthy box as always and had a wonderful time! Stevie boxed a nice 30′ ARS and hats off to TJ and Fransisco for pulling in your 32’s! We know you guys were whooped after those monsters came up! It was a pleasure to have you back and look forward to knocking those hogfish off your bucket list in the future! Fish on Friends!! #SlayAllDay #RottyBoyz

Back to back trips have us a behind on our posts but stay tuned for yesterday and today’s trip pics coming soon!

For details or to book your OWN adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!

19511474_793440267504496_6442166222712212760_n 19554013_793440237504499_4030516028106605171_n 19554123_793440164171173_1755503496593227457_n 19437231_793440144171175_8395322186850706538_n 19511491_793440140837842_5796258980060774165_n 19554262_793440147504508_7728494605724654809_n

***6/24/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

We welcomed the boys from the Fence Outlet back for yet another amazing trek. It was a textbook day of fishing out on the Gulf, with a nice steady bite throughout the entirety of the day. We had another standout whopper Gag along with some great ARS. Check out the videos below for some laughs along with this trip’s “What’s in the 📦 Box?” moment with our world class deckhand William Ash!

19399231_792406310941225_8650554547990454272_n 19399820_792405817607941_127628662386845708_n 19424264_792405777607945_4950282807017886368_n 19420555_792405767607946_6986857125083843568_n 19399610_792405754274614_7621362575804403581_n 19510262_792405734274616_1686514153568332584_n (1)19420581_792405870941269_8878866709491632099_n 19420793_792405864274603_8429761943133459914_n 19510478_792406317607891_2247448856035268723_n

***6/18/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

🎣Happy Father’s Day!🎣

We we’re proud to share this special holiday with some awesome Dads! Morning bite was a bit slow until the tide started pulling and then these guys couldn’t be stopped! We hit some gnarly weather on the ride in. We were soaked, sore, and didn’t get back until dark, but it was worth it!

For questions or to book your OWN adventure, call CMFA at 813-516-9365!

19420449_789581251223731_8396211554105404705_n 19260306_789581227890400_8975872963681465068_n 19275171_789581224557067_1995708368873562038_n 19366405_789581214557068_8148572660345322620_n 19366171_789581217890401_3225557895495069492_n

***6/17/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

👇🏼👇🏼‼️‼️MUST SEE‼️‼️👇🏼👇🏼

Redemption was the word of the day! This trip was originally booked back in August of last year and the cancelled and rescheduled over 5 times for bad weather. Good things come to those who wait!! These 5 guys did amazing and brought in some of the best fish we’ve had ALL year! #RottRott

Pictures say all that needs to be said!

For questions or to book your OWN adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!

19225943_788688824646307_1107120955139169957_n 19113814_788688821312974_1760285186883603212_n 19225721_788688791312977_6510698498267324949_n 19366445_788688794646310_2549601641517740372_n 19224787_788688781312978_4973787009916853000_n 19224790_788688787979644_1916655938941098058_n19396651_788688907979632_496967266701517495_n 19274902_788688831312973_2781241256836798984_n 19149068_788688834646306_8062857523498173738_n 19225539_788688871312969_2640678286968006919_n 19149202_788688897979633_7747583733995874950_n 19149140_788688904646299_2138888837153043009_n19149397_788688951312961_2897358720071936191_n 19149319_788688957979627_5942977132054493585_n

***6/15/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

What started as an AMAZING day on the Gulf, quickly was derailed by a lower unit blow out! We can only imagine how much even better that box would have been without having to come back way early for safety. These guys caught some more than impressive fish, and kept spirits high even with the engine snaffu! Not ashamed of this short trip box at all!! We were able to call in some favors and get a new unit early this morning with Central Marine Service & Boat Sales! Thanks Bobby Redmond! We delayed departure for today’s trek and reduced it to an 8hour. Pics to follow soon!

For questions or to book your own adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365

19113944_787669994748190_72387652264389309_n 19106028_787669978081525_1459340162765578856_n 19260358_787669951414861_977077890529853441_n 19149241_787669934748196_7247941989014860009_n 19105975_787669911414865_3981235359881844352_n 19149271_787669888081534_2346674452620864242_n19224752_787670064748183_3407188614511321121_n 19225095_787670041414852_7079650611338339469_n

***6/14/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

After days in a row of cancelling trips due to weather, we came back only to find the fishies were right where we left them!!

Biggest Mango we’ve had on the boat to date and a hound of a Margate! I swear, this just never gets old. Way to go ya old Salty Dog #RottyBoyz!

For questions or to book your OWN adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!

19247959_787664378082085_241138570791873888_n 19225411_787664371415419_2235616802603831528_n 19113565_787664338082089_4158405075589165833_n 19145942_787664341415422_6218699107516266106_n 19225656_787664328082090_8694072616097745351_n 19247781_787664331415423_1173858721402545471_n

***6/10/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

😱Holy B-Liners!! We headed out to a bit deeper water this time and got some Teenage Mutant Ninja Vermillions. Had some nice Red Snapper and two great Kings, before moving in closer to hit some Red Grouper. We got caught in a gnarly squall on the way in and we’re jostled around quite a bit. Glad we were able to make this run and these guys did a great job! This tropical weather system that’s brewin’ forced us to cancel today’s run and possibly tomorrow’s. Stay safe out there!

19059160_784957635019426_4445144212268311141_n 19113712_784957618352761_6595066450037200062_n 19113589_784957595019430_6827123537449876938_n 18952945_784957598352763_3271603897673521484_n 19030581_784957581686098_3893755974072719987_n 18952694_784957588352764_7498173529234061171_n (1)19113600_784957671686089_9050317779651326771_n 19030341_784957668352756_6792443900526510320_n 19149105_784957641686092_6632246633453274105_n

***6/4/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

🎣DAY 4 of ARS season was the bomb diggity (don’t mind the gratuitous 90’s slang)! We noted the bite had waned over the first 3 days from our original area so we switched up our heading and moved to a different depth. Even tho it looked like the end of the world as we rode out, spirits were high! A 🏆quality🏆 American Red Snapper limit was reached in a half an hour from the first line in! After that, we proceeded to target each species specifically. Moving to a Gag location, then to a Mango, then to a Red Grouper. Within an already impressively stuffed box, we had 25″ and 26″ Mangos, beautiful Scamps, and some massive Vermilion to boot. Grade 🅰️ trip all the way! Way to go #RottyBoyz!

For questions or to book your own adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!

18893194_781713352010521_4054054774359148238_n 18814361_781713348677188_8077654583372639362_n 18882206_781713312010525_5513352074906637790_n 18839206_781713308677192_2189255916045870273_n 18920679_781713295343860_1674697455347997719_n 18835526_781713285343861_4372109516405322946_n19029383_781713498677173_8540716507574629572_n 18893262_781713452010511_6668456531589312086_n 18839163_781713432010513_5228176214005811818_n 18893260_781713425343847_7492310054050704711_n 18839016_781713382010518_4867505397565886851_n 18881967_781713375343852_1058605543899176054_n

***6/3/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

Think anyone would notice if we just rearranged the fish and put a different group of people next to them? 

Only teasing… However, yesterday’s trek did damn near replicate Friday’s, down to the haul and weather conditions. Both were also excellent groups of regulars that we are always happy to host. Some very nice scamps shared some real estate in the box, alongside another limit in Red Snapper, and with some healthy Gag and Red Grouper as well.

 Also…. group member Matt Clapp is artistically working his way through the Gulf Species one Gyotaku at time. He added a standout Scamp from this trip to his growing collection. Pics of both art pieces to follow soon.

All in all, Day 3 was a success and we’re back at it today! Stay tuned and we’ll move the fish around again and see if we can’t find another unsuspecting group of people to stand next to them! 

For questions or to book your own adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365.18882181_781102988738224_3427807140236939204_n 18922027_781102978738225_477965220956094204_n 18882240_781102955404894_3949494586560518701_n 18836045_781102952071561_8161684172333676442_n 18920261_781102922071564_6269758351734448515_n 18767544_781102918738231_282107235110325171_n

18813694_781102892071567_4352733841277176018_n 18835545_781102882071568_7433096308966076846_n 18838970_781102818738241_7271881582834057842_n 18835898_781102812071575_8561521002968463406_n 18893134_781102792071577_2982736155962403246_n 18740534_781102782071578_8925326662151894293_n