***6/3/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

Think anyone would notice if we just rearranged the fish and put a different group of people next to them? 

Only teasing… However, yesterday’s trek did damn near replicate Friday’s, down to the haul and weather conditions. Both were also excellent groups of regulars that we are always happy to host. Some very nice scamps shared some real estate in the box, alongside another limit in Red Snapper, and with some healthy Gag and Red Grouper as well.

 Also…. group member Matt Clapp is artistically working his way through the Gulf Species one Gyotaku at time. He added a standout Scamp from this trip to his growing collection. Pics of both art pieces to follow soon.

All in all, Day 3 was a success and we’re back at it today! Stay tuned and we’ll move the fish around again and see if we can’t find another unsuspecting group of people to stand next to them! 

For questions or to book your own adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365.18882181_781102988738224_3427807140236939204_n 18922027_781102978738225_477965220956094204_n 18882240_781102955404894_3949494586560518701_n 18836045_781102952071561_8161684172333676442_n 18920261_781102922071564_6269758351734448515_n 18767544_781102918738231_282107235110325171_n

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