***6/2/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

The weather was surprisingly good on yesterday’s voyage. We expected to have some rain but somehow managed to avoid it and he overcast made for a more comfortable trip for sure. We bent quite a few hooks and missed some whoppers. It was nice to finally get some scamps in the box, had some stand out Mangoes and Reds as well, along with some gorgeous Gags. A little disappointed with the ARS size, but still nothing to shake a stick at. These guys made it happen and am proud of each and every one of these #RottyBoyz💪🏼😎 Stay tuned for today’s haul!

If you’ve been waiting for a return call from Stevie, thank you for your patience. She’s making her rounds today to everyone who’s left messages and texted the last couple days. The first few days of our 49 day back to back runs are always an adju18920205_780581095457080_6946389934556583831_n18881915_780581288790394_5192689068239683331_n 18838898_780581285457061_4813191091714763909_n 18881915_780581268790396_7200086792375100625_n 18813893_780581255457064_5259475468593527009_n 18839074_780581218790401_8510726537447703867_n 18839004_780581208790402_2322391571857315436_n