***6/4/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

🎣DAY 4 of ARS season was the bomb diggity (don’t mind the gratuitous 90’s slang)! We noted the bite had waned over the first 3 days from our original area so we switched up our heading and moved to a different depth. Even tho it looked like the end of the world as we rode out, spirits were high! A 🏆quality🏆 American Red Snapper limit was reached in a half an hour from the first line in! After that, we proceeded to target each species specifically. Moving to a Gag location, then to a Mango, then to a Red Grouper. Within an already impressively stuffed box, we had 25″ and 26″ Mangos, beautiful Scamps, and some massive Vermilion to boot. Grade 🅰️ trip all the way! Way to go #RottyBoyz!

For questions or to book your own adventure, call or text CMFA at 813-516-9365!

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