3/31/16 Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventure Offshore Fishing Report!

***3/31/16 Fishing Report***

You can swim, but you can’t hide! ‪#‎CaptainMorgansFishingAdventures‬ produces another Top-Notch trip! This group of 5 guys had an amazing day. After a bumpy ride out, the guys started sentencing fish to a time-out in the penalty box.
Ran up on a nice school of Mahi too! 🐟🍴 nom nom nom! We have single spots open on April 9th, 16th, and 24th! All full day trips! $25 reserves your spot! Rott Rott! 813-516-9365

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3/26/16 Gorgeous Reds and Mangies, with a whoppin’ B-Liner, and some AJ’s make an appearance on today’s charter!

***3/26/16 Fishing Report***

Take a look at the bad ass pics from Saturday’s Charter! Making an appearance today were some gorgeous Reds and Mangies as always, with a whoppin’ B-Liner, and an oh-so-yummy-smoked-and-turned-into-fishspread Amberjack!

Tomorrow is the only open day we have before we are booked solid again! A couple people are looking to get out, so if you want to grab a friend we can make it happen! Call 813-516-9365 and let’s get ‘er done!

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3/22/16 Another day of full on excitement as fish after fish was pulled up by these awesome fishermen

Wow! This is why we love what we do at CMFA! Another day of full on excitement as fish after fish was pulled up by these awesome fishermen.‪#‎Blessed‬ This group will be eating good tonight! Don’t forget, we still have openings for a full day this Thursday, before we are booked solid again for a while. Hop on that adventure for only $225! Call or text now 813-516-9365

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3/18/16 Clients loved reeling in these fish with Captain Brian Morgan

***3/18/16 Fishing Report***

What another great trip! We headed out to catch some Mangies and then closed the day with another fun stop to a nearby AJ spot. Clients loved reeling in these fish. They put up a good fight but were no match for this group, who quickly brought them to the deck and snapped some pics before returning them to their home! Happy Birthday to Adrian by the way! We are glad we got to be part of your special day!

For questions or to book your adventure, call or text 813-516-9365!

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3/17/16 Grouper Troopers! Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventures Slays The Reds!

***3/17/16 Fishing Report***

Grouper Troopers! Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventures will make you wish they’d raise the limit on how many Red Groupers you could keep! Check out these fatties from yesterday’s trek! That is 🏆QUALITY🏆 right there! All in a day’s work! Great repeat clients, TJ and friends, always good to take you out. If you haven’t booked a trip with us, call the office and let’s talk! There are tons of different trip options along with budget friendly ways to get you bending rods🎣 with us! Call or text 813-516-9365

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3/14/16 Hogfish, Mango Snapper, Triggerfish, and Grays fought for space in the ‘penalty box’ on this Halfday trip!

***3/14/16 Fishing Report***

Another Great Fishing Adventure was had yesterday. After a rainy wet ride out, the sun decided to grace us with its appearance. Everyone began to dry and fish started coming on board. Some nice Hogfish, Mango Snapper, Triggerfish, and Grays fought for space in the ‘penalty box’ on this Halfday trip! We closed the day out with an AJ stop and ended up bringing up a nice big black tip shark! Video of that bad boy to follow!

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To book your private trip or for details call Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventures at 813-516-9365! Fish on!