12-11-15 Ladies Day on The Water with Captain Morgan!

We can’t keep Reds and Gags….CMFA says that’s ok, we’ll just catch True Blacks! Take a look at our most recent half day bottom fishing charter! Yesterday we proved yet again that Florida fishing is great no matter what season!! This was an amazing trip! We also got to experience the beauty of a gentle giant sea turtle up close and personal! Call or text 813-516-9365 to book your charter!

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12-8-15 CMFA Runs Back to Back Half-Day Trips to Let Kids Compete!

Group One had a blast! Captain Morgan is already back out for round two! CMFA loves the kids and families! Don’t forget, you don’t have to be experienced to fish with us! We welcome and teach ALL level Anglers and Ages! Let us customize your trip! Call or text 813-516-9365 Great Xmas Gift Idea
We guarantee EVERY charter we take out! Book with confidence! We take pride in our adventures! Stay tuned for Group Two! These little men have a fierce competition between their two groups going!

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11-21-15 Rain Doesn’t Slow Captain Morgan!

A little rain didn’t stop these boys! Captain Brian put these guys on some nice fish (…as usual)! We’re closing Gag season out strong! Call or text 813-516-9365 to reserve YOUR SPOT!! We still have openings available for a couple singles and doubles. Enjoy your vacation time with us out on the water! $200 per person. Have Fish instead of Turkey!!

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11-11-15 Fall Fishing at its Finest! Captain Morgan Catches Baracuda, AJ, Kingfish, Red Grouper, Gag, Mango, Gray Snapper, and Even a Shark!




Pictures speak a thousand words! Another bad a$s day on the Gulf of Mexico. 32 miles out and this is what we give you all in one trip! Reds, Cudda, AJ, Kingfish, Big Grays, Mangos, Gags, and even a bad ass shark! Stay tuned for the video!
And you haven’t booked your charter, why?? 813-516-9365 $100 deposit reserves your day!




11-9-15 King of The Beach! Captain Brian Morgan Represents for iTrekkers!

Can’t be disappointed with a haul like this! Our 5.4 Spanish Mackerel Held up to take 7th place in its division, out of nearly 600 boats!! Our Kingfish moved its way down the line, but we were proud of him too, just over 22lbs! King of the Beach was a great event to participate in and hopefully next year we can come back even stronger! We also would like to thank our ITrekkers family. The lovely Miss Emily and Miss Olivia are seen pictured below as well!

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