10-10-15 Captain Morgan Delivers Another Successful Offshore Charter After The Unexpected Closure Of Red Grouper!

***10/10/15 Charter Report***

We don’t need Red Grouper to bring in meat! Obviously, caught tons of those bad boys too but here’s our first charter since they lovingly decided to close down Reds for a while. When you love what you do, no one can stop you!! Nice show of Gags, Reds, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, and of course our delicious myriad of snapper! Proof is in the pudding folks! We guarantee your trip. No Fish No Pay! Book with confidence. 813-516-9365! Don’t forget to like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/captainmorgansfishing

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10-07-15 Captain Morgan Pushes Out To The Gulf For Final Red Grouper Trip Of The Season


We killed ’em on today’s Full Day charter! Woop woop!! 40lb. Cobia!!!! Repeat after me… “This is how we do it!”. This was a nice way to finish off before the unexpected closure of Red Grouper. We guarantee your trip. No Fish No Pay! Book with confidence. 813-516-9365
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09-20-15 A Big Fishy Happy Birthday To Wes From The Crew At CMFA!!

Captain Morgan said the tone of this day was the best he had all summer, it was the most relaxing and fun trip he was part of. Reacquainted with an old friend and celebrated a birthday!

Happy Birthday Again Wesley! You are a smart young man. If your fishing abilities speak for even half of your character then you are doing just fine! Your are also lucky to have such great family and friends. CMFA loved having you out on your half-day fishing adventure to celebrate your birthday! Mama Leah, what a great gift idea!

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09-19-15 CMFA Specialty Trip To the Elbow Produces Big Time!!! Go Captain Morgan!



This months specialty trip was no disappointment! Captain Morgan’s last minute decision to head to “the elbow” instead of the “middle grounds” proved to be a great choice! 250 feet of water. We Fu@kin Slayed them!! Huge gags!!!! Huge Amberjacks!!! Slob Mangos!!! Red and Scamps!!! Red Snapper!!!! What a trip!!! Booking for next month’s Extended Offshore Trip now!!!!! 813-516-9365

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09-04-15 HaPPy BiRtHdaY From Captain Morgan And Crew! Half Day Off Shore Charter Was A Perfect Gift!

CMFA hosted a nice Nearshore half-day Charter for this little man’s birthday! Scored some nice keeper Reds and good sized grunts. We welcome families aboard our vessel. Let us customize a trip for you and your guests at a good price! For more info or to book call or text 813-516-9365 Fish On!!! Remember if you canb dream it on the water we can make it happen!!


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