Captain Brian Morgan Hosts Offshore Red Snapper Smash!

What a way to welcome the Holiday weekend!! Captain Morgan took some of his most loyal and returning customers roughly 60 miles out in the Gulf to remind them why he IS the best. These clients set out for their adventure at  7am and returned with a full boat by 2pm. In fact, Captain Morgan and his guest were catching so many Red Snapper and had so many beauties already, that they were throwing back 7-8lb fish left and right. The Red Snapper and Red Grouper (among other species) that weren’t lucky enough to be released back in to the Gulf of Mexico were beautifully filleted and sent home with the clients to enjoy in their own homes. Personally, we flour, egged, and Panko’d our fillets… deep fried those bad boys and feasted on yet another great haul from Captain Morgan! Fish On guys! Captain Morgan said this had been one of his favorite trips in recent times. Great catches and great company!


Captain Morgan’s Father’s Day Snapper Trip! Grunts Anyone?!!?

Captain Brian Morgan set out for a close off shore Father’s Day Snapper trip. After hitting the 10 mile mark, Captain Morgan anchored his clients up on some of his best Grunt spots. They brought in roughly 100 Grunts along with a few Red Grouper that decided to stop by. All in all, a fun morning out on the water! Happy Father’s Day to all you great Dads out there. Book your charter now. Let us customize a Fishing Adventure for you!! Don’t forget to visit the Photo and Video galleries! Call us to book 813-516-9365


Captain Morgan Rebounds And Brings In Great Haul After A Slow Start

Any “reel” fisherman will tell you, there are some days that are just plain tougher than others! Captain Morgan and this group had a slow start to the day out on the Gulf. However, Being the well seasoned Captain he is, Morgan was able to visit a couple different spots that allowed his guests to still have one heck of a trip and catch some great fish before returning to Maximo Marina. Along with Red Grouper, a myriad of Snapper species were caught and a hefty Amber Jack was even brought on board! All in all, another great day out on the Gulf of Mexico!

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Mother Nature Can’t Stop Another Fruitful Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventure!

When Captain Brian Morgan’s Private charter set out of Pass A Grille channel on this morning it was calling for seas 2 to 3 ft. out of the South. Well, Mother Nature decided to throw a twist in with that forecast as it was actually 3 to 5’s with occasional 6 to 8’s. The fishermen ended up out 35 miles out after a 2 hour trip and decided to not go any further and try fishing in 125ft, of water. First line down pulls up a big Red Grouper weighing around 23 pounds and boat loads down with nothing but hogs from there on out! Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper, and shark also caught throughout the day. That’s how Captain Morgan Rolls!

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Captain Morgan’s Clients Hit Grouper Limit Regardless Of Mother Nature!

Captain Morgan headed out of Maximo Channel this day at around 8:15. Once the vessel reached his 45 mile mark offshore, the Captain trolled around until he located one of his coveted spots. Fish were pulled up left and right from the first drop down. This charter had a stand out MVP, a fishing virgin, and a sea sick Goddess. This trip was an exciting one. Even though Captain Morgan was forced to return to the Marina early, He still managed to ensure his guests limited out on their Grouper and had a great time.

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Captain Brian Morgan Fights Sharks and Makes A Splash Into Red Snapper Season!

Captain Morgan treats clients to a great day out on the Gulf catching some nice fish! Along with the targeted Red Snapper, many other species of fish were brought on board including the limit of Red Grouper. Captain Morgans guests were catching from the very FIRST demonstrative drop! Gags, Mangrove Snapper, Red Grouper, Lane Snapper, and of course Red Snapper were all brought up by the guests on this adventure. Captain Morgan and guests wrestled with multiple sharks that kept attempting to steal their catches for an easy meal. One shark that came aboard even took a piece of Captain Morgans toe with him and left a tooth behind to show he wanted the fish just as bad! Captain Brian ensured a great day for guests and everyone left with beautifully cleaned fillets! Book your charter today! 813-516-9365IMG_1134IMG_1130IMG_1133IMG_1131IMG_1030

Captain Brian Morgan Hosts Another Great Offshore Fishing Trip!

With excited clients on board, Captain Morgan set out for an all day fishing venture into the Gulf of Mexico! The day did not disappoint, as some beautiful Red Grouper were pulled on to the boat. These clients had a fun and peaceful day offshore and were excited to take home their catch! After returning to Maximo Marina in St. Petersburg, the group posed and smiled with their bountiful harvest! Captain Morgan made it happen again! These Red Grouper didn’t have a chance! Don’t mind the two fish playing kissy face below!

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Captain Morgan Joins Efforts To Ensure Private Charter Has an Awesome Two Boat Tourney!



The water in the Gulf of Mexico was rough as the boys set out for a full day mini tournament. It was an early start for Captain Brian Morgan and his guests who set out from Merry’s Pier in Pass-a-Grille at 6am. It wasn’t long after dropping anchor on a couple of secret spots, that Captain Morgan began watching his clients pull in monster after monster. Including a huge Mangrove Snapper that the Captain proudly pulled up himself. All in all a great day. There was an appearance from some American Red Snapper as well, along their pursuit to limit out in Red Grouper.


Family Charters Captain Morgan for Tampa Offshore Red Grouper Fishing Adventure

After some not so pleasant weather settled down, Captain Brian Morgan set out of Maximo channel in St. Petersburg around 9:30 am to hunt down some fish! The family aboard was filled with anticipation, wondering how the day was going to turn out having been forced to get a late start by Mother Nature. Well after a little rough ride out, the weather decided to play in their favor. The day turned beautiful and the fish began flying on board one after another. In addition to limiting out on Red Grouper (all approximately 16-22lbs), the clients also brought on a couple Mangrove Snappers and even the “oh-so-tasty” Red Snapper (Who’s high demand season is right around the corner). All in all, even with the rough start Captain Brian Morgan Managed to pull out yet another successful offshore fishing adventure. This family was ecstatic and had a great time bonding while also yelling “FISH ON”! IMG_0844 IMG_0845 IMG_0846 IMG_0847