Red Grouper Limit Caught Early On Captain Brian Morgan’s Charter

As Captain Morgan’s charter pushes off just after sunrise, the clients faces turn from grogginess to sheer excitement. They know what is in store… a boat load of fish were waiting to be caught! Captain Morgan took his guests out to some coveted fishing spots that he keeps secret. After about an hour ride out they reached their first destination. Fish after fish was hauled in and thrown straight to the box, no need to measure these trucks… They were clearly over the size requirement to keep! These clients were extremely happy as they reeled in their feast for the evening. After returning to Maximo Marina, Captain Morgan filleted the fish for his clients and sent them home with hefty care packages. Another day, another fish report!


How Does Capt. Morgan Spend His Day Off? Fishing the Tampa Bay Ship Channel, of Course!?

Captain Brian Morgan set out for a recreational day of fishing. Being his only day after a long stretch of back to back charters, you would think this guy would post up in front of a television somewhere and lay around. Nope! That’s not going to happen on his watch! The day began rigging up a Sabiki line and catching some very eager bait. After that Captain Brian set out to troll the ship channel. A fun day was had catching Spanish Mackeral, Bonita, and the sought after Kingfish. There was a shark spotting as a Bonita was on its way in to the boat. An extremely large shark came and hit it at the surface and tore the Bonita in half. After this happened a few times, Captain Morgan set out for some “revenge fishing”. Rigging up a 500lb cable with a 9/0 hook, he wasn’t going to let this predator keep stealing his fish. He also put a stinger on his butterflied Bonita and the hunt ensued. While he didn’t get the shark, the Captain helped his guest reel in a big Baracuda, which no doubt was assisting the shark in steal what was rightfully, HIS FISH. All in all, great day and lots of fun.

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Red Grouper Turning up Bigger and Better in Gulf off Tampa/St.Pete

This awesome day began in the Gulf began with some Kingfishing. We hooked up on a few beauties then decided to relocate our vessel to hunt down some Grouper! We hit our per person limit on ONE stop within an hour and a half! I would say this has been one of the most fruitful charters, presenting even LARGER fish than we normally catch, Which means they were huge! After limiting out so quickly the charter returned to attack the Kingfish once more, just to show the gulf of Mexico who’s boss! After returning to Maximo Marina Captain Morgan filleted these beasts (Even snuck one filet for himself…lol) and sent everyone home tired, but smiling!!



April Proves To Be Even Better Than March for Offshore Fishing

Oops… He did it again! Captain Morgan limited out in Red Grouper by Noon on only two stops and a box and a half of bait! This charter is one for the books and would have made even the most experienced fisherman jealous. Fish after fish was pulled on board including some pretty impressive Reds along with some yummy Lane Snappers. These guys were gassed as they made their hour and a half ride back to Maximo Marina where Captain Morgan beautifully filleted these trucks and sent everyone home with a care package!

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Yacht Fishing at it’s Finest. Huge Gag Grouper Caught Inside Tampa Bay Near Skyway Bridge.

Who says you can’t haul in some big fish on a yacht or that you have to go offshore to do so. Captain Morgan ran the sleek and sexy 72 Princess Motor-yacht, known as the ‘Jaguar’, to one of his secret inshore spots where he knows Grouper like to hide. This kid was ecstatic as he got to reel in this monster Gag Grouper! Sadly, we had to return this beauty to the bay but we finished the night by preparing and serving one of his other catches (a hefty Red Grouper) to his family for dinner! What a day! Book your personal fishing adventure with Captain Morgan NOW!


Captain Brian Morgan Shows Local ‘Party Boat’ Guests how Gulf Fishing is Done

Captain Morgan traded his personal charter boat, for a day on the Miss Pass-A-Grille. The Miss Pass-A-Grille is a 51′ Twin Diesel party boat. Captain Brian Morgan headed up 2 back to back off shore trips to fish for Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, Triggerfish, Sea Bass, Mangrove Snapper, and Gray Snapper. He took guests 9-11 miles out and allowed everyone on board an opportunity to reel some fish and bring home dinner! Fish were filleted out after each voyage and guests got to take home a scrumptious offering from the Gulf of Mexico. Call or book now for your personal fishing adventure!

“We came all the way from Minnesota to fish in the gulf. Captain Morgan did a great job ensuring that we had a perfect trip and that even our 12 year old was able to catch fish. We will definitely be chartering him on his personal boat in the future.”

–Graham W. (Minnesota Tourist)




Kingfish Make an Exciting Addition to an Early Limited Out Offshore Charter

After an extremely active red grouper presentation, we moved our vessel to the Tampa ship channel to target kingfish. We were not disappointed when almost immediately got hooked up on some as we began trolling! These clients were die hards, as they found it hard to want to leave the water with fish after fish being caught and pulled on board! Book your charter with Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventures today and come catch some fish with us! We hit our limit per person in Grouper by 11am… say what!!!??


Multiple Snapper and Grouper Species Prove To Be Plentiful in Today’s Offshore Adventure

It was a beautiful day out on the water! Calm and flat ride out. There was a great show in species today from the gulf. Every reef fish that could be caught was pulled in from today’s offshore adventure! We caught Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Lane Snapper, Red Grouper, and a Gag! Thank you Gulf of Mexico for providing such a bountiful trip! The party on this charter got their exercise in today and kept the mate busy.

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Lane and Mangrove Snapper make an appearance during Targeted Red Grouper fishing charter off Tampa

Well, I must say that today’s trip was one to remember!!  Cruising out to 115′ of water at 34kts, have clients in the sleepy bags at the stern. Water temp is around 72 degrees. First fish on the boat is about a 5lb. Lane snapper… very good eating fish! Straight to the box with five 15lb. Red Grouper. Second spot pull in another 9 bid Red Grouper and a really nice Mangrove snapper. Third spot to finish off the day at 1:00 pm we reach our 20 head limit on red grouper, with 4 fish over 20lbs.

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