***6/2/17 CMFA Adventure Report***

The weather was surprisingly good on yesterday’s voyage. We expected to have some rain but somehow managed to avoid it and he overcast made for a more comfortable trip for sure. We bent quite a few hooks and missed some whoppers. It was nice to finally get some scamps in the box, had some stand out Mangoes and Reds as well, along with some gorgeous Gags. A little disappointed with the ARS size, but still nothing to shake a stick at. These guys made it happen and am proud of each and every one of these #RottyBoyz💪🏼😎 Stay tuned for today’s haul!

If you’ve been waiting for a return call from Stevie, thank you for your patience. She’s making her rounds today to everyone who’s left messages and texted the last couple days. The first few days of our 49 day back to back runs are always an adju18920205_780581095457080_6946389934556583831_n18881915_780581288790394_5192689068239683331_n 18838898_780581285457061_4813191091714763909_n 18881915_780581268790396_7200086792375100625_n 18813893_780581255457064_5259475468593527009_n 18839074_780581218790401_8510726537447703867_n 18839004_780581208790402_2322391571857315436_n

4/24/16 Offshore Fishing at its Finest!

****4/24/16 Fishing Report****

Offshore Fishing at its Finest! CMFA said goodbye to the Forson Brothers as they took their last trip with us till they return in the Fall! Rounding out this group was Rusty Cain and Wesley Samuel Hamilton! These guys had an awesome trek out into the gulf! Catching some impressive Kingfish (2 of which weighed in right at 30lbs each), along with limiting out on Red Grouper. Along with a few other species of fish, they hooked up on the beautiful American Red Snapper, which gets us excited, as their season is right around the corner! All in all, ANOTHER amazing trip with an amazing group!

Remember, EVERY charter is guaranteed!!! Book with confidence and make some memories with us! 813-516-9365

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4/20/16 Gotta keep grinding…

***4/20/2016*** Fishing Report
With a little bit of a slow start I started sweating, second guessing, thinking that I wasn’t in the right area… Man was I wrong!! We ended the day with all rods bent over the gunnel at the same time. These guys were completely exhausted after my last few stops!! “This is how we do it”. Never second guess yourself! You know that little voice, that whisper, that gut feeling, that intuition… Yea that one… LISTEN TO IT…Always… Gotta keep grinding… Call us here at Captain Morgan’s Fishing Adventures to book your fishing trip you’ll never forget at 813-516-9365 or 813-892-4224

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4/15/16 Rest assured that EVERY charter we take is guaranteed!! Book with confidence!

***4/15/16 Fishing Report***

CMFA had a great day out on the water with these 4 gentlemen! These guys were sent to us via ‪#‎iTrekkers‬. We were excited to show them some real fishing as they stated that the last two charters they booked with other guides had produced nothing but an empty wallet!

Rest assured that EVERY charter we take is guaranteed!! Book with confidence! Call or text 813-516-9365 or 813-892-4224 to get your group out on the water!

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4/14/16 CMFA Always says NO FISH NO PAY!!!!!

***4/14/2016 Fishing Report***
This past Thursday’s charter was off the chain!! We had several large fire trucks, Mangos, Lane snapper, Vermilion snapper and a really nice BLACKFIN TUNA!!!!! ROTT ROTT!! The bite has been awesome so be sure that you book with confidence and money back guaranteed. NO FISH NO PAY!!!!! What are you waiting for? Call today and book knowing your picture will be on the next FB post.. Call 813-516-9365 or 813-892-4224 to reserve your spot. FISH ON MY FRIENDS!!

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4/8/16 Extended 12 Hour Full Day Offshore Adventure with Captain Brian Morgan!

***4/8/16 Fishing Report***
WOW, we had some big ass fish!!!!
I know that we will be tearing up the big Red Snappers when the season opens!! Could have loaded the boat up to the gunnels with them. Great fisherman aboard this trip including Jeff Worth, Joe Byrd, Kyle Stryker, RyeGuy Hoover, and the Forson Brothers. We had big gags, huge red grouper, red snapper, and more! Book your trip today. Limited days remaining for Red Snapper trips! 813-516-9365

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